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Fiberglass Fabric for Prepreg

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Fiberglass Fabric for Prepreg

Product Description

Prepreg Fiberglass 

This product is used for the reinforcement of thermosetting and thermoplastic composites, it has high toughness and strength, and it has good adhesion with carbon fiber materials and other properties.

Prepregs are fiberglass fabrics pre-impregnated with epoxy resin for ease of processing and handling. Shipped frozen, must be kept refrigerated until ready to use. Heat cures between 180 and 250F to produce complete laminate parts. Commonly used in aircraft interiors, radomes, aircraft secondary structures and sandwich panels.


Specification of Prepreg Fiberglass

Item No. Product Name Model Warp Weft Density
1 Fiberglass Fabrics EW136-100 68TEX 68TEX 10*10
2 EW160-100 68TEX 68TEX 12*12
3 EWT160-100 68TEX 68TEX 12*12
4 EW200-100 136TEX 136TEX 8*7
5 EW200-100 68TEX 68TEX 16*13
6 EWT200-100 68TEX 68TEX 16*13
7 EW300-100 200TEX 200TEX 8*7
8 EWT300-100 200TEX 200TEX 8*7
9 EW320-100 264TEX 264TEX 6*6
10 EWT320-100 200TEX 200TEX 8*8
11 EW400-100 264TEX 264TEX 8*7
12 EWT400-100 264TEX 264TEX 8*7



Properties of Prepreg Fiberglass

Width: 1000-1270mm

Grammage: 25 / 50 / 80 / 100 / 160 / 200 / 260g/m2

Resin Content Proportion: 33-50%

Color: natural/black

Storage condition: Cold storage


How To Store Prepreg Fiberglass

The resin system is heat activated. Therefore, we extend the shelf life of prepregs by storing them at lower temperatures. Our prepregs are designed to be stored in a refrigerated environment. When stored at room temperature, the expected shelf life is less than 30 days.

It is especially important to understand this. If you're buying prepreg and frozen storage isn't available, be sure to only buy what you'll be using in the near future. Also, keep the material as cool as possible no matter where it is stored.


Application of Prepreg Fiberglass

Typical applications include aerospace, racing, sporting goods, pressure vessels and commercial products.


Fiberglass Fabric for Prepreg


About Daozhi Fiberglass

Daozhi Fiberglass focus on quality control and test management of Prepreg Fiberglass Cloth to guarantee its production process. We offer decades of processing expertise and know-how, if you need some additional advice and assistance with prepreg processing or prepreg applications. Please feel free to contact us to get more details of Prepreg Fiberglass. We will serve you with best quality prepreg fiberglass and considerate customer services.


Fiberglass Fabric for Prepreg