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Electronic Fiberglass Fabric

  • Electronic 7628 Fiberglass Fabric

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  • Electronic 7628 Fiberglass Fabric

  • Electronic 7628 Fiberglass Fabric

  • Electronic Fiberglass Fabric

Electronic Fiberglass Fabric

Product Description

Electronic Fiberglass Cloth

Electronic Fiberglass Fabric is plain weaved on air-jet looms by intersecting warp and weft, the fabric surface is treated after 1st and 2nd de-sizing, the fabric has electrical insulation property, high strength, high temperature resistance, the product is applied for producing copper-clad laminates and insulation laminated sheets.


Regular models of Electronic Fiberglass Cloth

7638, 7630, 7628, 1506, 2116, 3313, 1080, 106, and etc.

7628 fiberglass cloth is a general term for electronic-grade glass fiber cloth made of E glass fiber or C glass fiber, which is widely used in the electronic industry. It is a high-end product in fiberglass cloth. 7628 fiberglass cloth offers an excellent combination of high strength to fire resistant properties. A wide range of yarn and weave styles offers a variety of design potential, allowing buyers to choose the best combination of material performance, economy and product flexibility.


Advantages of 7628 Fiberglass Cloth

• Electrical properties

• Excellent durability, in line with the life cycle of electronic products

• Excellent electrical performance, irreplaceable cost performance


Application of 7628 Fiberglass Cloth

7628 fiberglass fabric provides excellent performance for the electrical industry, high strength, dimensional stability, temperature resistance and excellent electrical properties form the basis for use as a primary reinforcement in high voltage laminates for printed circuit boards.


Properties of Electronic Fiberglass Cloth

►  High strength, heat resistance, fire-retardant and insulation.

►  High pressure strand spreading and easy to resin impregnation.

►  Treated with silane coupling agent and excellent compatibility with resins.


Application of Electronic Fiberglass Cloth

E-Glass Fiberglass cloth is a light weight woven composite material that is commonly used in industrial, marine, and aerospace applications.


Specification of Electronic Fiberglass Cloth

Electronic Fiberglass Fabric


Details and Application of Electronic Fiberglass Cloth

Electronic Fiberglass Fabric


About Daozhi - Leading Manufacturer of Electronic Fiberglass Cloth

Daozhi fiberglass is a core company in the fiberglass material supply chain, mainly engaged in composite glass fiber and colored fiberglass. Our company is a comprehensive service enterprise integrating R&D, manufacture, sales and fiberglass deep processing. If you're looking for electronic fiberglass cloth, please don't hesitate to contact us and get electronic fiberglass cloth more information you need or customize electronic fiberglass cloth as you need.

Electronic Fiberglass Fabric