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Properties And Applications And Silicone Coated Glass Fibre

Nov. 15, 2022

Silicone coated glass fibre fabrics are manufactured for a range of applications requiring high heat or flame resistance, as well as high levels of abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, UV light and weather conditions that can cause damage. In this blog post we will examine the properties of silicone coated glass fibres and their applications.


Properties of silicone coated glass fibres

There are several reasons why silicone coated glass fibres are beneficial, but in this article we will focus on why silicone is used to coat fabrics. The material then offers a number of key properties.


Abrasion and corrosion resistance

Chemically resistant

Durable (operating temperatures from -70 o C to 550 o C)


Flame retardant

Heat resistant

Oil and water resistant

Weather resistant

Weight range (7 oz/sy to 90 oz/sy)


Applications of Silicone Coated Fiberglass

Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fabric

In addition to the above properties, we can produce silicone coated fabrics in a wide range of colours and can customise them to suit your specific needs.


Applications of silicone coated glass fibre

Silicone coated glass fibre is made from glass fibre fabric and coated with silicone rubber. Often referred to as silicone coated glass fibre fabrics, these fabrics are typically designed for industrial applications that require a high level of resistance to extreme temperatures, flames and chemicals.


Daozhi Fiberglass can manufacture a silicone coated glass fibre fabric to suit your application, and examples of using the silicone coated glass fibre fabric range are as follows.


Aerospace industry

Glass fibre fabrics are ideal for specific applications such as airbags, aircraft walkways, cargo covers and on-board flame retardant fabrics. Heat-resistant fabrics are essential for keeping personnel and equipment safe and are also strong.


Industrial protection

Silicone coated fabrics can be used to protect machinery and workers from high temperatures. This includes conveyor belts for dryers, equipment covers, gaskets, linings and padding in equipment and welding curtains.


Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fabric

Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fabric

Aluminium industry

Due to the high strength properties of glass fibres, silicone coated fabrics and ropes are often used in the aluminium industry. They are used to manufacture components such as outer cathode rod sealing covers, anode rod seals and crucible lid seals in various areas of primary aluminium smelters.


Thermal insulation

As an insulating product, silicone coated fabrics are ideal due to their chemical and thermal resistance. Blankets, curtains, removable insulation pads and seals are also popular insulation products.


For different uses, the right silicone fabric should be selected. If you want to use fireproof silicone cloth for fabric expansion joints, Xintai recommends that you take a higher strength silicone cloth, or neoprene coated cloth, which is ozone resistant, UV resistant and weather resistant; if you want to use fireproof silicone cloth as an insulation cover, Xintai recommends that you use a high strength silicone cloth that is not easy to remove. If you are also after easy cleanability of the surface of the insulation cover, you can use PTFE coated cloth, which is easy to clean and has very good capacity and corrosion resistance.


If you are ready to purchase silicone coated fabrics or need any additional information, please contact us today and let us find the perfect solution for your application.